Livery Yard

Livery Viewing Times

Potential clients are welcome to view the facilities at Mistico during the times outlined below. Please note all viewings are strictly by appointment only.

  • Tuesday 9.00am to 3.30pm
  • Thursday 9.00am to 3.30pm
  • Saturday 10.00am to 12.00 pm

Livery Managers

Barn Manager C Kathryn Walker, Cell 0726250349,

Barn Manager D Siobhan Wall, Cell 0824149999,

In-house Instructors

Our in-house dressage and flat work instructors are responsible for ensuring Mistico maintains its professionalism as well as its competitive edge within the show arena. They will handle training and the riding of client’s horses to meet the expectations of professional riders. Taco and Carsten hail from Germany and have now settled in Paarl. Their expertise extends to having competed and trained in Germany to Grand Prix Level. For more information please visit their website

Private instructors

Livery Clients are welcome to utilize their own instructors. In the event the livery clients are a member of Paarl Equestrian Club they do not have to pay the ground levy.
Private instructors, whose livery clients are not a member of Paarl Equestrian Club are required to register at the administration office upon arrival. Our office hours are 9am to 4.30 pm Monday to Friday and 9am to 1pm Saturday. A ground levy of R100 per horse is payable by external trainers prior to teaching non-member livery clients. Please ensure all training sessions are booked in advance. All enquiries may be emailed to  External trainers and external riders please refer to the indoor booking form. This applies to the use of all the arenas, whether internal or external.

Riders Lounge

The riders lounge is there for the enjoyment of riders and families of the riders where you can relax over a cup of coffee and a good horse natter. It is also for the use of those waiting for their little ones having a ride or a lesson. This lounge is based on an honesty system and a book is available for clients to write up their drinks. A fridge is provided for the use of clients wishing to keep their own drinks.
We are also happy to book the riders lounge for the smaller functions, clinics and talks. For more information please email

Tack Shop

Our onsite tack shop is now open and has the option of various products and brands available. All basics will be provided for as well as all vitamins requirements.
Lara Callagham will assist in any product you wish to order.

Riding Facilities

  • Outrides – Hours of outrides on the neighbouring farms will ensure you and your horse have a balance between fun and training sessions.
  • Indoor Arenas – The two magnificent indoor arenas are there for the use of clients. Please familiarize yourself with the FEI arena rules and regulations to ensure everyone’s safety.
  • Outdoor Dressage Arenas Outdoor Jumping Arenas – There are numerous outdoor jumping, dressage and lunging arenas with top quality surfaces and secure fencing to ensure the safety of riders and their horses.
  • Horse Walker – The horse walker is available for the use of clients on a credit card system. Time is  available for purchase from the office.

Horse Care

Mistico has an in house farrier service and your horse may be scheduled into the yards rotation system. Should you wish to privately shoe your horse you are welcome to do so, however please ensure management is aware of the scheduled dates.

Glenda Francis
Glenda is a registered physiotherapist providing a high quality treatment of a wide range of spinal and musculoskeletal problems for patients (humans, equine, canine and feline) in the greater Cape Town area. The practice provides a consultation and treatment resource to medical professionals, veterinary professionals as well as horse owners.

The fields of human and animal physiotherapy involve the assessment and treatment of muscular, skeletal and neural conditions.

Physiotherapists are highly trained and skilled in the use of their hands to assess and treat soft tissue injuries. They are also extensively trained in rehabilitation techniques and are able to offer guidance on the best manner in which to successfully and safely complete your own rehabilitation as well as that of the equine, canine or feline patient.

Glenda attends Mistico on a weekly basis to ensure the overall well being of the equines. If you would like to book with Glenda please email her at or call her on 0833035277


Mistico places emphasis on the continual training of our grooms as a vital and possibly the most significant part of our team, ensuring our horses are happy, healthy and correctly cared for. Many of our grooms have been trained in-house and we strive to ensure their continued growth and education with the intent of having them with us for many years to come. In return we receive their utmost loyalty. We respectfully request that our grooms are not approached with the intention of offering them alternative employment.


Our paddocks although large at the moment are in the throes of been redesigned, fully grassed and shaded. We will be creating smaller individual paddocks for the competition horses, still maintain our herd paddocks as well as allowing for slightly larger paddocks for those wishing for their own horses to be out together. Our paddock times are 8am to 3pm for the horses and will remain as such unless clients request different times.
We will keep you up to date on our progress via Facebook.

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